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Phone: (208) 883 - 8131

Phone: (208) 883 - 8131


Your animals deserve to be fed the very best! We have a variety of quality feeds for all of your animals needs!


Excellence for your equine can be achieved with our premium feed care products that equip from mane to tail. From senior horse care to young performance, our Purina® horse line provides some of the best products in the industry.


Proper nutrition is a must when it comes to your herd, and here at Spence, we put the top-of-the-line care for all your cattle necessities. Every herd has its hurdles, but make sure your cattle’s diet isn’t one with our Purina® Certified feed selection that ensures quality nutrition at every jump. Fuel your herd and let our feed do the rest!


Forgoing your flock’s nutrition would be a squawking mistake, however, fear not for we have a wide selection of feeds as found in the Purina® chicken product line. With a healthy diet, your birds are bound to leave stronger and able to waddle on with a skip in their step!


Settling for anything but the best for your swine would be silly. At Spence, we carry Purina® Certified products made for all around success in swine health. Regardless of herd size, we’re here to promote proper animal nutrition all across your farm or ranch!


Goats can be very picky,  here at Spence Hardware we have Purina® goat feed so your animals will get the very best nutrition!


With our premium bird feed and feeders, your feathered friends can continue to sing and bring life to your outdoor experience. Be sure to check our seed selections today!


Having the best and most nutritious options for your deer is valuable to us here at Spence, so let us help you to explore our various deer feed so that your deer have the most spring in their step!


Relying on mediocre feed would be a mistake for rabbits anywhere, but thanks to our premium products, these bunnies will always have bellies full of nutritious options that promote the best in wellness.


We understand here at Spence that excellence begins from within, so be sure to stock up on our Purina® Show Feed for all your animal breed categories. Competitive edge begins with a well rounded diet from start to finish, let us help to train your champions starting with the best in nutrition.

Purina Animal Eduation Resources

Whether you’re an animal expert looking to deepen your knowledge, or even if you’re just getting started in the industry– We find that Purina® publishes education articles of excellent quality and content on a variety of animal health topics. We recommend that all of our feed and animal supplies customers take a little time and check out the educational section of their website, linked below!